Thursday, 3 February 2011

~ The White Stripes

alternative rock, garage rock ~

They announced that they split up yesterday. After 13 years. After 6 albums -three of which were awarded with Grammy Awards - and 26 singles. Jack and Meg White. In the beginning they claimed to be brother and sister, as they wanted people to focus on their music and not them. But it was later revealed that they were actually a couple. Married actually. However they were divorced by 2000. But that didn't stop them. After stopping for a while, though, after Meg's "breakdown", they never really came back. And now they've ended it forever. Which is a shame. But they say it was because they wanted to "preserve what is beautiful and special about the band”.

Well. What can you say. Here are some songs. I know they're 6. But I couldn't not put them on here.




Bye, White Stripes.


  1. α! κι αυτοί μ' αρέσουν!
    το blue orchid είναι τέλειο!

    μα πωρώνεσαι λίγο με αυτό το blog? :Ρ

  2. Hm. Maybe, maybe.

    Blue Orchid!

  3. maybe! hm!

    ασχολήσου λίγο και με το..άλλο! ^.~