Thursday, 3 February 2011

// Lovvers

noise rock, punk, indie \\

They were formed in 2006, in Nottingham. They're a four piece band consisting of Shaun Hencer (vocals), Henry Withers (guitar), Stephen Rose (drums) and Michael Drake (bass). As they claim on their MySpace page, their influences are The Germs and Wipers. I have heard neither of them but nevermind. They're kinda noisy but they've got a melodic noise. If you know what I mean. They've opened gigs for Foals, Fucked Up, No Age. They released their first full lenght LP on August 2010, called OCD GO GO GO GIRLS. Well, they're interesting. And full of energy so.. (And they had the double v thingy, before Wavves came out. Just saying.)


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